JUNE 29 – JULY 1, 2018

In order to be considered as a vendor, you must agree and follow these terms and guidelines:

  1. All booths are required to fly a US flag minimum size 3X 5 and are encouraged to be decorated in Red, White, and Blue for opportunity to win $100! Booth decorated in best red white and blue theme will win $100.
  2. SALES OF ALCOHOLIC DRINKS AND BOTTLED WATER WILL BE SOLD EXCLUSIVELY BY THE 4TH OF JULY COMMITTEE. If you are found selling these items your booth will be closed for the rest of the festival! Money will not be refunded.
  3. NO ENERGY DRINKS TO BE SOLD (this include Red Bull, Rockstar, Monster, NOS, etc.) 515Fifty will be exclusive ENERGY DRINK.
  4. NO PETS or ICE CHESTS WILL BE ALLOWED IN PARK. VENDOR ICE CHEST WILL BE SUBJECT TO INSPECTIONS. Periodic inspections of booths and ice chests may be done by COMMITTEE.
  5. Items which use our guests as entertainment will not be allowed. These items include, but are not limited to, silly string, airsoft guns, disappearing ink, poppers and smokeless tobacco.
  6. Vendor Booth lights must be turned off during Fridays Fireworks show. (No Refund if lights stay on)!
  7. Booths are assigned and accepted according to guidelines set forth by the Livingston 4th of July Committee. The Livingston 4th of July Committee reserves the right to refuse vendor applications.
  8. Festival policy includes making an effort to reduce similar items/merchandise/food products offered for sale and duplicate items will be limited.  Booth space will be accepted on a “first come, first serve” basis. (We reserve the right to refuse any booth/vendor).
  9. Application/contract, application fees, health department forms (food vendors only), proof of general liability insurance, and a self-addressed stamped envelope (for pre-festival setup) are due no later than June 3, 2016.
  10. Vendors are required to provide Livingston 4th of July Committee, with proof of General Liability Coverage with combined single limits, with an endorsement naming Livingston 4th of July Committee and City of Livingston as additionally insured. Minimum limits of liability are $1,000,000. Applications will not be approved without the satisfaction of this requirement.
  11. The consumption of or use of any drugs or alcohol by vendors will not be permitted during vendor business hours. All vendors must conduct themselves in a professional manner. Any vendors not complying with the Rules/Regulations of Livingston 4th of July Committee, and the laws/ordinances of The City of Livingston will be closed down AND ALL FEES WILL BE FORFEITED INCLUDING DEPOSIT. Vehicles driving in park during festival times will be strictly enforced and may be ticketed by Livingston Police!
  12. Electrical hook-ups will NOT be available. Refrigeration units will not be available. Whisper quiet generators are permitted, and must be indicated on the application and approved by the Livingston 4th of July Committee.
  13. Bring your own canopies, tables, chairs, extension cords, etc. They will NOT be provided for you.   All tents/easy-ups must be anchored with sandbags (or similar weighted items) in anticipation of wind.
  14. The area around each vendor’s booth must be left in good condition during and following the event. All vendors must keep and leave your booth and surrounding area clean. You MUST provide a trash container inside and outside your booth; trash must be taken to dumpster nightly.
  15. Booths dispensing paper products (i.e. napkins, promotional flyers) are responsible for litter control. The disposal of liquid by products (i.e. grease, cooking oil) within the Livingston is
  16. Booth set up must occur as follows: Saturday, July 2, 2016 – 7am – 9am, Sunday and Monday, July 3-4, 2016 11am – 1pm. All vehicles must vacate festival areas immediately after set up. NO VEHICLES WILL BE ALLOWED IN THE PARK DURING THE FESTIVAL HOURS. NO EXCEPTIONS!!! Vendor booths not set up on these date and times will not be able to participate in the event.   Fees paid will be forfeited.
  17. Food Vendors/Food Trucks applications must include a MENU of all items you would like to sell. Once you menu is approved, you are not permitted to add any food items to your offering. Adding other items to your MENU will result in being asked to shut down and forfeit all fees and deposits!
  18. Food Vendors/Food Trucks must complete and submit the “Merced County Food Vendors Permit Application” along with the Livingston 4th of July Committee application and payment (including deposit). Booths with year round permits must still fill out Merced County Health Permit and fill in their number. We will not accept incomplete applications!!!

Not following terms and guidelines or adding other items to your LISTS (Non Food Vendors) or MENU (Food-Vendors) will result in being asked to shut down and forfeit all fees and deposits!

For any questions please call City of Livingston
Recreation at 209-394-8830 or Brenda at 209-850-5550

 Print Application here:>> 2016 Vendor Application & Guidelines

Emprime Aplicacion de Vendedor Aqui:>> Applicacion De Vendedor 2016


Print Merced County Food Vendor Application here:>>Health Department Application 4th of July Festival

Emprime Aplicacion de vendedor para el Condado De Merced aqui:>>Health Department Application 4th of July Festival

For Merced County Health Department Website click here:>> Merced County Health Department